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What is Venirsincontro

Venirsincontro is a crowdfunding platform (as could be Kickstarter or Indiegogo) intended for the religious world. At the moment the project started with Italian foundations and religious orders, so the only used language is Italian. The owner of the platform is the fundraising department of the third largest Italian bank group: Banco BPM (here the website).


It all started from the question: Is it possible to collect the donations not only in the church but also online? The bank thinks so, so they create a platform that allows clients (of the bank) to donate part of their money to specific charity projects.

The goal is to create more transparency on where the donations are going and create more occasions of income for the projects (collecting money not just at the church ceremony but also online).

At the moment, this service is just available for the bank clients (both donator and receiver).

Transform donation to direct charity


The task was divided into two main parts: naming and branding. Also if I am not a copywriter, I had to cover that role too, due to a strict budget.


For the naming, I started writing down some concepts (around 30-35 words) that were referring or evoking the mission and value intended by the platform. I then made a selection, reducing to 8-10 words to then restrict the results to two words: venire and incontro.

Italian definition of the two words - source:

“Venire” means “to come” and, in this particular case, refers to the concept of coming closer. “Incontro” means “to meet”. The selected naming came from an Italian sentence that uses both words: “venirsi incontro”. The meaning of this sentence refers to two parts that come together to an agreement or a common point. It could maybe be translated into English as “to meet halfway”.

The final naming decision

The idea

The idea for the logo started directly noticing that the two words had one “i” in common, one at the end and the other at the beginning. I decided to represent the concept of “to meet halfway” directly between the two words. So I started to try different combinations and fonts to match the two words.

Trying different fonts

Handshakes and hugs

Playing with the different fonts I reinforced the idea to make the two “i” to meet halfway, so I developed that concept into two images: “the handshake” and “the hug”. Both the images were recalling the main idea, but differently: the handshake was, of course, more formal and closer to a business idea; the hug was more private and intimate.

I then started to develop the logo in both directions to find the favourite of the client. In this occasion, my colour palette was restricted to the colours used by the bank.

handshake concept

hug concept


After receiving the feedbacks of a meeting with the client, I continued with the concept of “hug”. This image was the client’s favourite because it was considered the closest to the values of intimacy and “help in case of need”.

i started to work around the concept of hug

I worked with the font and the image selected to create a bolder identity. I also tried to develop a sort of icon to be displaced before the naming.

making it iconic

After some trials, I was still not convinced with the font. I rechecked competitors to see what kind of font they had, and I tried to image the positioning of mine. I identified, in particular, two possibilities: positioning it as a modern and business style logo or create something more related to a social and assistance area.


I looked for a font that would have communicated a more friendly and human feeling. I checked handwriting fonts, but I quickly excluded them because they had problems related to the fusion of the two “i”. The final choice ended on Fredoka One (Google Fonts).

friendlier font

I applied to the previous results the new font. Below you can see the results compared.

the two version of the logo with the new font

comparison between first and second font

positioning the two logos

Final result

The final logo was created with Fredoka One and with the icon in between. Designing this last part, I was able to structure the two “arms” (that compose the hug) into a heart shape. This shape helps to reinforce the idea of caring and donate to who is in need.

final logo

the hug compose also a heart shape

Final considerations

This project was one of my favourites, especially for the final result. If I would be able to come back, I would maybe insist and try to argue more on the colour palette, since I still consider a warm colour palette would have been stronger and bolder.

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