Lugagnano basket

Branding of a basketball team.

03-2017     Branding, Web Design     Illustrator, Sketch

What is Lugagnano

Lugagnano is an area close to the Verona’s urban context. In this area, there are many sports activities, including a basketball team. The basketball team is playing in the Italian basketball league (Promozione). I had the pleasure to play with them in the past, so I decided to “pay back” the time spent designing for them a new “fresher” logo and a website.


The main problem of the old logo is the old visual style of the brand and a low-quality logo. The logo was never renewed since its creation in 1994.

Original logo


The task was to design a modern basketball logo that would have fit to the team competitors. It was essential to do not make it too extremely stylish because the intended target was still the local community (not a logo that would have fit in the NBA).


I started my project searching for inspirations and moods, trying to focus on the boundaries given by the task.

Context and surrounds


The idea

From the moodboards and study of the brand, I found out that the identification with the area was the most crucial element, so I decided that it should have been highlighted. A second important element was the basketball, essential to communicate to which sport we were referring to.



Identified the idea I started to create and compose some sketches. Below some examples.

logo sketches

Logo construction

After some sketches, one was outstanding, so I developed that. I started to construct the logo, playing with fonts and colours.

Creating the logo

Trying different colours

Final result

The final result was a logo that conveys more the attention on the name Lugagnano (strong area identity). The shape keeps the reference to the basketball and the colours help to create more distinction between the elements.

Original logo

Redesigned logo

Renders and product placement


After the realisation of the logo, I created some mockups of the website. The structure of the site was the simplest possible, to help the user to navigate through that.


I started studying the personas of the website, that were mainly two: The player and his parent (this team has only male players). This team is quite small because part of a quite small area, so the main supporters are the players of the young categories and their parents. The kids that compose the young classes are aged from 11-12 y.o. until 20-21 y.o.
Their parents (most frequently the mothers) are the second category of supporters and so possible users of the websites.



After the study on personas, I started to create some wireframes of the structures. Below you can find examples of the homepage and the main team page.

Hompage wireframe

Team member wireframe


I then convert the wireframes into mockups. I designed mockups for the homepage, the team page and the store page.

Homepage mockup

Team page mockup

Online store mockup

Final considerations

After some analysis, the website was not considered necessary to the team, so they decided not to go forward with it. The logo was taken in high consideration but until now has not replaced the old one. From this experience, I learned to develop much more my presentation and selling skills, reasons why I came across the youtube channel TheFutur.

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