Associazione V.A.L.I.

Designing tenants’ rights.

06-2018     Branding     Illustrator

What is V.A.L.I.

“V.A.L.I. is an association founded to offer citizen assistance in all matters related to the condominium subject. Through targeted activities, we propose to intervene to protect the right to property. Moreover, we promote the recognition of the right to housing as good of a primary civil and social value. We work, in particular, to prevent and remove the disabling conditions that create an obstacle to the development and the integration of the human person”.

the description on the website

Building up the concept

The association’s goal is to help tenants with their rights. In particular, they are focusing on the policies and rights related to the house renting. They are operating with a strong focus on the area of Verona (Italy). The idea to start to design the logo was focused on four concepts: house, hospitality, safeness, trustworthy.

four concepts


From the concepts, I started to analyse the emotions related to them, creating some moodboards.

rents and bills

housing and real estate inspirations

First idea

The initial idea was to create something that would evoke the first two letters of the name (A and V). To highlight the shapes I created two logo versions taking inspiration from some trend logos.

first concept

Second idea

The first idea wasn’t received as expected, so I had to change styles and try three different types of logos to convince the client. I sketched then three different logos, keeping in mind the four words selected at the beginning of the project.

three different proposals

The one in the middle was the chosen one. The shape of the house is created by the two letters of the name A (the roof) and V (the base). This logo is also representing the values highlighted while building up the concept.

the selected one

Colour palette

Once found we found the desired shape, I started to look also for colour palettes restricting the area to two nuances: blue and green. The choice of this nuances was based on the theory of colour psychology, in particular, the idea of relaxing and competence.

colour palette

Final result

The style of the logo reflects the desire of the client to face targets aged between 50-70 y.o. The logo reminds to logos of the ’90s, possibly evoking the idea that it exists since years.

a new-old logo

Final considerations

This project was particularly challenging on a negotiation and budgeting point of view, but the final result was the perfect mix of both sides interests (the client and me). The only regret is related to the possibility to make a website too. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit the budget.

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