My personal story

My recent past has been focused on printed graphic design. That gave me the opportunity to develop and significantly improve my skills, on different printing ATL productions.

Now I have a more significant interest in digital graphics and visual design, that is the reason why I decided to change to the user experience world (keeping a strong focus on the visual design).

I invite you to check my Linkedin profile to get more information
or to check and download my cv here.

My professional story

Below you will find a summary of my professional journey. To get more details and specifications about every single step, please visit the Linkedin or cv link above.


2016 // MSc. Communication Design – Politecnico di Milano

2013 // BSc. Industrial Design – Politecnico di Milano

Work experience

2018 // Graphic Designer – KA BOOM Kommunikationsagentur

2017 // Communication Designer – Freelance

2016 // Communication Designer – MOON Berlin

2015 // Graphic Design Intern – LG Electronics 

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