I'm Jacopo Albertini

a graphic designer

with the goal to become a professional

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serial solution designer

/how I would personally try to define it/
A designer that provide solutions replicable serially.

why designer

Trying to find a solution to a problem is the part that most challenge and involve me. Usually, the problem involved is related to the visual design area.

why solution

When I design, I always like to focus on the best solution. Sometimes, finding the best solution means to use different tools than usual once (design related, like Ps, Ai, Id, etc.) and, to do that, I am always open to deepening my knowledge into new methodology or programs.
I prefer to adapt myself to the best solution instead of forcing the solution to fit my knowledge.

why serial

If possible, I like to find solutions that would be able to scale to different situations. Serialise a solution led the possibility to save a lot of time in the future (for the client or the user) and eventually to manage more the design process.

know more about me

/you can get more professional information about me downloading my cv or visiting my LinkedIn profile/

If you are curious to know more about my interests, you will find below lists of people, studios, YouTubers and podcasts that I follow, and I would be delighted to discuss about with you. If you have even more to suggests me, I would be thrilled if you could send me an email: jacopo.albertini.designer@gmail.com

design related:

non design related:

people and group I admire and follow

/ following a list of people I personally admire, follow and influenced part of my works and life attitude /

people I personally met:

• Lisa Cherubin (Art Director)
• Roberto Carrisi (Account)
Fabio Sergio (Design Director)
• Josué Cañas (Art Director)
Matteo Muci (Art Director)
Jacopo Pompilii (Interaction Designer)
Giovanni & Federica (Burro Studio)

others I admire:

• Chris Do (Founder, CEO Blind)
Ran Segall (Full Stack Designer, Flux)
Jonathan Courtney (Co-Founder AJ&Smart)
Riccardo Cambò (Designer & Strategist)
COBE (UX Design Agency)
Fantasy (HCD Agency)
Frog (Design Firm)
Ideo (Design Firm)

For more information about me
download my cv, visit my LinkedIn profile
or write me at jacopo.albertini.designer@gmail.com

For information about my works visit my portfolio